Guild Salary and Missions

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Guild Salary and Missions

Post by havocstars on Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:06 pm

When you are invited ingame you will be placed on a 1 day contract until such time that you are able to fill out an application and be fully accepted. Then all members of the Guild will be placed on a 7 day contract (7k a day).  This contract will be renewed every week and will be increased to the maximum your contribution allows.  This means that if after the first week you have earned enough contribution to have your salary increased to 7.5k a day then it will be done upon commencement of your next contract.

However to ensure that this is viable for the guild and still allowing the guild to grow all members will be required to participate in guild missions.  These missions will eventually, when the guild is large enough be running all evening and if our member base dictates, during the day.  When we ask members to participate in guild missions that does not mean that players have to spend all their time on them, doing 1 or 2 an evening if their playtime allows is more than acceptable.  Please remember that guilds are a large part of Black Desert Online and content is designed around them, so its in all our members best interests to help grow the guild and help shape it into a home they are proud to be part of.


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