Who are Unite?

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Who are Unite?

Post by havocstars on Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:52 pm

Who are Unite?

Unite are a EU based semi-hardcore guild that intends to support players of all types in our new home, Black Desert Online on the Croxus server.  We aim to unite gamers of all types, whether you are a pve, pvp, casual, hardcore, or just a gamer who wants to have fun.  We do not discriminate players just because they have families or other real life commitments.  Both the founding members have families and jobs and realise the responsibility this brings, we aim to support those players to get the best out of the game they can.  We have several years experience in running guilds in multiple games and have had great success creating guilds based on our philosophy.  However please do not misunderstand and think that because we cater for more casual players that we do not take the game seriously.  On the contrary, we take the game and the guild incredibly seriously and expect our members to participate and help the guild and the community grow.  We will be actively taking part in all the content the game has to offer, including playing a serious role in end game pvp.

Our Goals

-PvP (such as siege's and nodes)
-PvE (world bosses and future content)
-To have fun

What we expect from our members?

-To participate and contribute to the progression and growth of the guild. (via guild missions etc)
-To respect other guild members and players.  Treat those how you would wish to be treated.
-To remember you represent the guild not just ingame but also outside, such as forums and fansites.  Ensure you act accordingly and do   not do anything that could bring the good name of Unite down.
-To have fun, remember this is a game after all and we all play for our own reasons.
-Do not bring drama into the guild.

What our members can expect from us?

-Continuous support and guidance, until the day you decide not to play.
-A friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy your time in the game.
-A well run guild, run by people who understand its a game and that real life takes priority.
-Voice communications (via Discord).


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