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Guild Rules

Post by havocstars on Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:51 pm

Please read our Guild rules below, failure to abide by these simple rules will lead to action being taken and in worst cases dismissal from the Guild.

1.  No PK'ing (Player Killing), we will be partaking in all types of PvP such as Siege, Nodes and GvG.  We do not support the practice of killing players for no reason.  I would like to point out you are allowed to defend yourself from a flagged player you just must not flag yourself.
2.  Power-level buying or exploiting will not be tolerated.
3.  Keep chat in-game and on voice comm's to English only please.
4.  Inappropriate comments based on race, gender, color, sex, religion and national origin will not be tolerated.
5.  Unite are a mature guild and to that end sometimes conversations may have subjects that you may find offensive or that are sexual in nature.  As long as they do not fall into rule no. 4, sorry deal with it.
6.  Any personal issues with any members must first try to be resolved by the 2 parties in private chat.  If this fails then contact and officer or guild leader.


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